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Today I bring to you the most important part of the Guild Coverage you are going to read. We all know that policy and debates are a great way to evaluate your candidates – but the only way to TRULY know about a person is to look into the planets and let the universe reveal its astrological secrets. I have taken the liberty of looking into the astrological charts of both Star and Launch office bearers to reveal some deep truths about the candidates.
A quick explainer for those not so astrologically literate – everyone has not just one sign, but many. When you are born, the zodiac signs are aligned to particular planets at that exact moment. You probably know your sun sign – the zodiac the sun was in at the time of birth – as that’s the most common, but we can also learn a lot from our moon and rising signs. Our sun sign is essentially the basic nature of who we are. Our moon sign highlights our more subconscious traits, essentially who we are when no one is around. Our rising signs show us the mask that we display for others. There are plenty more planets that help inform a birth chart, but these three placements can tell us a lot about someone!

So without further ado, lets delve deep into the office bearer’s birth charts.


Bre Shanahan – Star


Bre is a Gemini… Although they cop a pretty bad wrap in the zodiac, Geminis are social creatures with lots of curiosity even if they may be a bit wild. Her rising sign is also Gemini, meaning she speaks with her mind and loves talking. With a Virgo moon, Bre would be highly appreciative of structure and stability.


Bradan Sonnendecker – Launch


Bradan’s sun sign is Libra, and although they can be a little bit indecisive, Libras have a sense of magnetism and sociability to them. His moon sign is Sagittarius, notoriously fiery, those with moons in Sagittarius can be risk takers! Sagittarians love travel and adventure and never say no to a new experience.


General Secretaries


Luke Thomas – Star


Luke is a Taurus, meaning he can be headstrong, hedonistic and grounded. Things get interesting when we discover his moon sign is Scorpio, the mysterious and freaky sign of the Zodiac. Those with Scorpio moons are passionate within themselves and about the ideas they truly care about. Luke’s rising sign is Gemini, meaning he can be adaptable to new things.





Callum Lindsay – Launch


Callum is an Aries, energetic, straightforward and perhaps a little stubborn. His moon sign is in Pisces, meaning he could be harbouring some secret creative pursuits in his dreams. His rising in Taurus, which means he probably loves sharing some good comfort food with the mates.


Societies Council President


Jacob Roosendaal – Star


Jacob is an Aquarius. The sensitive, brooding and sometimes strange ones of the Zodiac, they can be drawn very easily to revolutionary ideas or find themselves in google holes about conspiracy theories way too easily. They are talented and intelligent and can be very sharp witted.


Sabrina Passione – Launch


Sabrina is a creative and emotional Pisces. Pisces make great art and ooze creativity! Her moon sign is in cancer, which means she’s nurturing and loves feeding the family. With all these water signs in her chart, she is full of feelings and imagination. Her rising is in Capricorn, meaning she probably hates being late!


Public Affairs Council President


Vin Kalim – Star


Vin is a Pisces, so they probably have a creative streak – maybe a nice collection of mindfulness colouring in books. Their moon is in Aquarius, meaning they probably love reading fun facts on the bottom of lids and casually dropping them into conversation.


Stephanie Wong – Launch


No information at the time of publication


Education Council President


Emma Mezger – Star


Emma is a Virgo, meaning she loves lists and keeping a well maintained social calendar, right down to scheduling in her assignment related breakdowns. Her moon is in Pisces, meaning she probably has a playlist dedicated to good songs to cry to.





Katrina Revy – Launch


Katrina is a Cancerian. Despite their guarded exteriors, cancers can have a real soft side deep down. Her moon sign is in Leo, which suggests that although she doesn’t feel the need to struggle for the spotlight, she enjoys her moments in the sun and complimenting others. Her rising sign is Sagittarius, which can indicate lots of confidence and optimism


Welfare Officer


Max Tran – Star

Max is a Libra, through and through. Stylish, sometimes a little vain, but most definitely the life of the party. With a moon in Pisces, his creativity seeps into everything he does and his Capricorn rising must keep him on task and keenly focused.


Julia Newport – Launch


Julia is a Scorpio, meaning she can be very passionate and knows how to get what she wants. Her moon sign is in Aries, indicating that she can probably be easily bored by things like small talk or exhaustive detail. Her rising is in Taurus, so she must give really good hugs!


Women’s Officer


Pauline Chiwawa – Star


Pauline is a Cancer, which means she probably brings really good snacks to picnics and parties. Her moon is in Aquarius, so she definitely isn’t a quitter. Her rising sign is Virgo, so if there’s something in your teeth, she’ll tell you.


Nisha Anderson – Launch


No information at the time of publication


Environment Officer


Will Norrish – Star


Will is a Taurus, so he seeks comfort in the everyday. His moon is in Capricorn, so he likely upholds very high standards for himself. His rising is in Scorpio, meaning that when he speaks, you probably want to listen


Luci Hooper – Launch


Luci is a Libra, so she has a strong sense of justice and loves being surrounded by her friends. Her moon is Leo, meaning there are a lot of social placements in her chart, so she’s probably an unstoppable social animal and can charm anybody.





Sports Representative


Constantinos Toufexis – Star


When I asked Constantinos about his birthday, he asked me to ‘not hold back’. So I won’t. With both his sun sign, Pisces, and his moon sign, Cancer, being water signs, it’s likely that Constantinos feels everything deeply, maybe he writes poetry in his spare time. Despite the open mindedness that this brings, his rising is in Virgo so this could mean he has the tendency to be a bit anally retentive.


Ahbi Harikumar – Launch


Ahbi is a Virgo, with a Capricorn rising so he surely has a very well maintained iCal diary. His moon sign is Sagittarius, so this means he doesn’t hesitate when taking leaps of faith and can have very bold and exciting visions for the future.



NOTE: Astrology is just a bit of fun! At the time of publication some candidate’s birth information could not be found. This suggests it is likely that they are pesky and secretive Aquarians.


Ava Cadee is a proud, textbook Leo and believes her astrological literacy is her most useless talent. 

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