Today, the UWA Tavern has inadvertently revealed it’s changing to a smoke friendly venue following the reveal that new “pipes” will be arriving on all tables soon.  


The “pipe” is tall in nature, with an easily removable spout and a elongated glass tube coming up from the base.


However, the pipe as posted on their Facebook page looks incredibly similar to a ‘water pipe’, a device predominately used to smoke marijuana.


“It really does just look like a bong, doesn’t it?” said Fine Art student, Mary Jane.


“Is this another move move towards The Tav becoming a more “green venue”?” asked another.


There has been some speculation as to whether this has some connection to the fact that the Tavern has also recently brought chicken “nugs” to the venue and if this a front for something else.


Rumours have also circulated that a dispensary will be installed as one of the new Ref outlets.


For now, it is unclear as to the true purpose of the pipe, but trust us here at Pelican will be there at the Tav, waiting. 


More to come.


Words by Sophie Minissale

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