Pelican your favourite fount of knowledge strikes again.

Today its to let you know there will be significant scheduled Transperth delays tomorrow morning. Notably many of these services run through the Perth CBD so if you too haven’t got your license yet keep an eye out for these disruptions.

To quote Transperth WA’s website: “These services will be disrupted as a result of industrial action being undertaken by a number of bus drivers who work for our contractor Transdev.  The official protected action is from 6.00am to 10.00am, however, Transperth wishes to advise patrons that the work stoppage may affect services before 6.00am until approximately 12.00 noon as buses return to normal service.

Due to the nature of the action being undertaken we cannot confirm which trips will run and which will be cancelled.”

We’d recommend if you don’t drive into uni to check out if your local services have been cancelled here. Or take the day off tomorrow, you’ve earned it.

The second PSA never forget to thank the bus driver.

Joshua Cahill

By Pelican Magazine

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