And so, the merry-go-round begins again.

As your only independent campus-based reporting service, we are by your side in these most absurd of times. The 2018 editorial team are going to be taking a deep dive into the world of guild politics so you don’t have to, providing the odd hot take along the way.

First hot take for the season, I like Guild Elections. Please don’t click away just yet. I like Guild Elections in the same way I like Love Island, both are the rawest form of reality entertainment. Due to policy, always being so similar in key ways, personality always rises to the top. I can only hope Conrad Hogg, Jade Mawby and Kate Fletcher can deliver the goods.

In this post-trump, post-brexit, post-Eden&Erin split world there is something just a little quaint about an election that has previously been decided on hot button issues like who can or can’t serve $10 jugs (the answer being we legally couldn’t, unless it’s the GF … maybe … I guess) or which group will strive for online lectures to your units (the answer all of them1).

The circus that ensues is 10% passion, 15% wanting to make a difference, 40% attending the elusive election night parties, roughly 25% CV building and 10% study procrastination for good measure.

The self-importance can be a little grandiose at times but at the end of the day we here at Pelican want to make sure you get involved, if not for you, then at least for your SSAF.

What can you expect from us in these wild times?

  • Tips and tricks from those have been through it all
  • Some wry, witty commentary when someone inevitably has a banana skin moment
  • Juicy clickbait and analysis
  • Memes?

These times call for all the stops, welcome to the 17 days of Guild Election 20182

1 Like what kind of monster would not want their lectures recorded

2 Already a worse title, but we are about realistic goal setting. For three years we’ve been giving you 25 full days of coverage, we looked at that and asked ourselves what happens in those first 8 days? The answer – a whole lot of nothing.

Joshua Cahill | @joosh_cahill

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