1. Drug Cop on Extended Power Trip
  2. Tom Hardy’s Bane (But Without the Innovations in Urban Planning and Nuclear Science)
  3. A Low Rent, Moustache-less Erdoğan
  4. Don’t Call Him Anything and Maybe He’ll Go Away
  5. 12% Preferred Leader
  6. The Hairline From Hell
  7. Popular in Queensland™
  8. A Pretty Compelling Reason to Move to New Zealand
  9. The World’s Ugliest Newborn, Pumped up with Growth Enhancers
  10. The Back End of a Horse Costume
  11. The Moon from Zelda
  12. The Answer to the Question: How can things get any worse for this Government?
  13. At Least He’s Not George Christensen
  14. A Single Cannellini Bean (Not Starchy) Heaped on Some Unappetizing Looking Mashed Potato
  15. I’m Really Struggling to Crank Out Thirty of These
  16. As Good a Reason as Any to Strip Queensland of Their Voting Rights
  17. A Mailbox That Someone’s Taken a Swing at With a Cricket Bat Out of a Moving Car
  18. A Marionette Designed Solely to Scare Children
  19. Mankind’s Contribution to Co2 Emissions
  20. The Only Person to Ever Reminisce Fondly About Joe Bjelke-Petersen’s Premiership
  21. The Proud Owner of a Thriving, Unconstitutional Childcare Business
  22. Who The Fuck Would Ever Leave their Children with the Duttons
  23. The World’s Ugliest Newborn, Pumped With Growth Enhancers and Ayn Rand Audiobooks
  24. A Man of (Deeply Xenophobic) Principles
  25. The Personification of the Facebook Comment Section on a Sunrise Post About African Gangs
  26. Human (?) Skin Wrapped Tightly Around a Strangely Proportioned Shop Mannequin
  27. Proud Boycotter of White South African Nationalism, Fearless Advocate for Indigenous Reconciliation
  28. Oh Wait Sorry I’ve got that the Wrong Way Around
  29. Bad CGI From the Early 2000s
  30. Just a Real Shit

Hugh Hutchison

By Pelican Magazine

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