Local UWA student Peter Russell, who is currently substituting an instrument for a personality, has once again found himself playing the opening chords of La La Land’s City of Stars in the UWA refectory despite no one around him wanting or asking for it.

Russell spoke to Pelican about his long history with music.

“When I’m at a house party and see an out of tune guitar in the corner, something just comes over me. You gotta give the people what they want, right guys?” he said to the single international student putting up with his shit.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Russell is actually barely competent at a range of instruments that can usually found in public environments.

“I actually started out on the ukulele when I was younger. I’d crack out some Jason Mraz and everyone would get so into it. Man, those were the days!”

A source close to Russell told Pelican that those were in fact not the days.

The addition of a piano to the ref has students abuzz with mild excitement, with many noting that this asset to campus culture almost makes up for the glaring lack of food options.

“Yeah like I wanted bubble tea today, but I’ve gotten a half-baked rendition of A Thousand Miles so on balance I think it’s ok.”

When questioned about the role of musical instruments in placating the masses’ demand for catering, a Guild Representative simply replied, “Let them eat pianos.”

More to come.

Cormac Power