It’s chilly. Here are some fresh, organic handpicked tracks by some stellar Australian artists to bring some warmth to your winter.

Smoko – The Chats

This lo-fi three piece band from the Sunshine Coast has created possibly the most Australian song of 2017. This punk song is complete with its relentless bass riff, driving drums and a greasy guitar riff oozing carelessness. The singer’s course voice cuts through the tune and you just can’t help but sing (yell) along.
Highlights include references to Centerlink’s “elevator music” and a construction walker sitting “atop his milk-crate throne”.
Play this in your car as you drive home from work.

I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s – Heaps Good Friends

This Adelaide dance-pop group had a big year last year, they’ve only released three songs and yet they’ve already drawn a lot of attention as their songs have done the Triple J rounds.

This glittery synth-driven track will make you feel like you’re in an 80’s workout montage video, working hard and playing harder. Heaps Good Friend’s are such a quirky band creating such colourful tunes that will leave you wanting to boogie your legs off.

Feeding the Family – Spacey Jane

This local indie-rock band has been killing it for the past year. They’ve gigged all over Perth and have released their beautiful debut EP ‘No Way to Treat an Animal’.

‘Feeding the Family’ is the epitome of a feel-good summer jam. The breezy lead guitar riff and solo is reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s John Frusciante.

This song will make you want to grab a towel, jump in the car and go on an impromptu car trip to the beach. PLUS if you get into these guys you’ll be able to see them around Perth in a venue near you.


The Creator – Rainbow Chan

This Sydney Producer/Vocalist has created an awesome new minimalistic track with deeply emotional lyrics and sparse, blissed-out synths.

The track contains light machine drums giving a robotic feel. This works to juxtapose the more serious human message, addressing issues of sexism and ideas of heteronormativity.

Rainbow Chan is an emerging artist to keep an eye on; and this is a song to have a dance to.

Better – Mallrat

If you’re looking for a sun-dappled tune that glistens with a tangible moistness, Mallrat has you covered.

This future-pop-star from Brisbane knows how to write a catchy song. ‘Better’ will make you swell with an uplifting sense of nostalgia then make all your negative emotions melt away. When the song ends it will leave a smile on your face just before you hit the replay button.

List of People (To Try Forget About) – Tame Impala

Local legend, Kevin Parker AKA Tame Impala has just released a collector’s edition of his multiple-ARIA winning album from 2015, Currents. This tune was on the re-release as a B-side track. The fact that a song this good is a B-side is a testament to Parker’s incredible songwriting.

It will take you on a lucid psychedelic adventure through warm synths and blurry vocals singing of heartbreak. I recommend listening to it while lying in the sun (when it’s out), relaxing.

Fishing With a Shotgun – Good Boy

Good Boy smashed 2017 out of the park. Their track “Poverty Line” won Best Rock Song Of The Year at the Queensland Music Awards and they just released a new EP, ‘Shirk Life’.

This short and sweet tune showcases Good Boy’s fun jaunty style.The singer, Rian King yells in vitriol about Pauline Hanson and about the feeling of helplessness felt by Australia’s youth regarding our country’s apparent direction. King himself explains it best: “Fishing With a Shotgun is a dig at the disgusting, spineless leaders that run our country, the dismal state of Australian politics and the gutless idiots too dumb and stupid to say or do anything”

The music video for ‘Fishing With A Shotgun’ is like a pastel internet nightmare: reason enough to check out this hot track.

Disc – Feels

As part of their new EP, ‘Emerald’, this Perth-based production duo have treated us with their wonky beats: ‘Disc’ is no exception. This percussion-driven instrumental will make you feel like you’re exploring an electric jungle as you dance to its irresistible beat.

Feels’ live show is also such a pleasure to watch as the two women have such good onstage chemistry with each other. They look like they have so much fun as they play all kinds of drums and sample pads. Feel’s 2017 was an incredible year: they’ve made some wonderfully unique music and have also just celebrated the 1st year anniversary of the organisation they started: WOMPP. ‘Women of Music Production Perth’ focuses on building an encouraging environment for female music producers. It’s great to see such talented artists giving back to Perth’s music community.

Chasin’ – Cub Sport

Picture yourself cruising down the coast during the golden hour in the afternoon as the orange and purple hues before sunset roll on in. This is the song for that experience. Chasin’ is an emotive song that will make you want to message you ex (don’t do it though) which shows how well the lyrics are at making you feel. Cub sport’s dreary synth pop is the long sort after elixir to cure your hangover.

Spring Has Sprung – Skeggs

This song fills you with an almost childlike joy as the chorus melodies swell over the top of the jaunty beach-rock drums and guitar. Skeggs are known for their party-starting lo-fi grungy music and ‘Spring has Sprung’ just washes you in a bath of summer bliss.

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