Travelling between semesters to get away from home is pretty standard. But for a lot of college students, going home is a big part of the university year. You’ll be getting a lot more college content in Semester Two, so we thought we’d introduce you to some college residents over the break.

St Catherine’s – James Fazio

I’m from Perth, and my favourite thing about living here is the city’s sense of diversity and the amazing people. I’m studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Business Law at UWA.

My most embarrassing college experience so far, would have to be during the Wing Olympics on night one, I was later told that I nay nayed so hard that I hit a girl in the face. We’re good friends now.

The best conversation I’ve had at college would be when I had a two hour conversation with a neighbour about all of the benefits of having a deep fryer.  My favourite college event would be the ball – bringing the entire college community together was a fantastic experience.

I didn’t realise how familiar I would become with the St Cat’s family. This actually occurred very quickly and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d say to my fresher self, Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. The worst that could happen is you’ll have people laughing with you. Also, find out if Randall is actually haunted? (Surely).

James is just an average-minded boy who has recently realised that his life is just as stable Lindsay Lohan’s acting career post 2004. Although he may stumble from time to time, he never fails to keep on laughing (at himself).

St George’s – Sebastian Wilson

I did the majority of my growing up in Bunbury, but I’ve also lived in Broome and Port Headland. My favourite thing about Bunbury would be the Bunbury meme page.

I’m doing a double major in Sport Science & Exercise and Health.

I want everyone to know that St George’s isn’t actually Hogwartz. The castle and the dining hall are eerily similar but it’s kind of a “Diagon Alley” vs. “Diagonally” thing. But seriously Laurel or Yanny?

The best conversation I’ve had at college was at lunch one time. We discussed the feasibility and logistics behind producing a great grandchild that would have genetic contributions from each member of the table. There were definitely a few underlying assumptions made in this plan but if it worked we would eventually produce the most average human you could possibly imagine.

My favourite event at college so far would be our random acts of kindness (RAK) week. At the start of the week, we were given a person at college and we perform anonymous acts of kindness for that person to brighten their week. I quite literally received a home-baked cake with smarties spelling out my name on top.

I never expected to fall in love with our kitchen lady. “Her namma Jess” and she is the loveliest kitchen lady of them all. Every time I line up for meals there she is with a grin and the best small talk on the face of the Earth.

I’d say to my fresher self, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone when you first arrive. Take the time to introduce yourself to everyone, have a chat with them and stay open minded. College seems to be a magnet for the nicest of people and if you take the time to meet them you’ll find some of your best life friends.

Sebastian is the world’s worst aspiring rapper. You can follow him on Instagram @seb.wilson23

Thomas Moore – Brayden Watson

Hey, I’m Brayden Watson.

Like running for Fresher Rep, I was kind of roped into writing this by our Student President, Christi Kapp. So, blame goes to her if this is garbage.

I’m a first-year Commerce student. This year has been a great adjustment for me; moving out of home, transitioning to university and settling into college. I have lived in Pinjarra since I was little, and my favourite thing about where I’m from is being along the river. It’s always nice to enjoy whenever I go home.

My time at college has been filled with meeting people from around Australia and the globe, enjoying events such as the River Cruise Raft-up and, here’s the kicker, learning how to do my own washing. I am being truthful when I say that the first time I used the washing machine, I didn’t think to move my clothes into the dryer before spending my precious washing token. Needless to say, I haven’t made that mistake again.

Overall, I was surprised at how easy it was to make friends. Both returning, and first-year students have been more than welcoming at any given time, and I have loved getting to know local, regional and international students. Make sure you make the most of time spent with these little gems (shout out to the king Mike Wong).

For anyone reading this that are thinking of attending any one of the residential colleges, my advice would be to get on board. There is plenty of inter-college rivalry but at the end of the day, we are all trying to achieve the same goal. So, investigate all your options early and choose the college that you think is right for you. After you choose Tommy, make sure you come find me.

Brayden is the boy from Pinjarra.  

Trinity College – Macushla Quicke

My name is Macushla Quicke and I’m from a tiny wheat-belt town called Kulin. Have you heard of Wave Rock? Out that way… about 300 kilometres south-east of Perth. My favourite thing about Kulin is definitely the sunsets. You genuinely cannot beat the dusty, red, glowing sunsets we get.

The course I’m studying for the next years is creative advertising and graphic design at Curtin (shock horror – I don’t go to UWA, I know). I called my Mum the other day to have a chat and she goes, “So how’s uni going? Not going to drop out are you?” And I had to be like, “Yeah, Mum, uni is fine, not too bad… BUT college! College is fun.”

I currently attend Trinity College and am 110% loving it, however the mystery of “Where’s Geoff?” after Cap S on a Wednesday night is one I’m sure all Trinians would love to solve. Trinity is a relatively large campus, so you can be forgiven for getting lost when you’re fresher. So in the second week of college, I confidently walked to the top floor of one of the wings, the wrong wing, began looking for my room, and then had to do the walk of shame down two flights of stairs and then back up to the correct wing. Truly embarrassing.

Conversation wise, college meal times have proven to be a gold mine, but recently I had one of the most shocking, yet hilarious conversations I think I have ever had in my life. I grew up with a farming background, so which animal each meat comes from has always been something that I have known. However, not all have been blessed with this knowledge, as I found out. A friend of mine, revealed to us that she thought pork came from cows… I have never been so horrified and simultaneously amused. One of the many great experiences I have had at college.

College events have been plentiful, but I think the RSD ball would have to be one of my highlights. Along with inter-college “not-so-much-cricket-style” cricket and the Trin ball. One thing about these balls that did surprise me though, was how hard that college row-ers hit the open bar… Yes we paid for it but oh my lordy. To quote one Trinian’s insta post – “Night: 10/10, Memory: 3/10”.

Finally, from present Cush, to past fresher Cush; “Never, ever take your credit card on a night out, and always be prepared for anything at college. I mean ANYTHING (even an interesting array of traffic cones scattered throughout college…”

Cush is five foot everything – it’s a whole new world down here…You can follow her on instagram @_macushla_

University Hall – Brodie Kelly

Hey! My name is Brodie Kelly. I’m 22 years old, originally from Bunbury, Western Australia. I moved up to UniHall in February of 2017, and much prefer the busy city lifestyle to Bunbury’s extremely repetitive, somewhat claustrophobic vibe. That being said, I love to head down south every so often to catch up with family and enjoy the beaches.

I’m in my final year of my undergraduate’s degree, completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management.

A myth I’d like to bust about UniHall is that we’re all struggling to rub two cents together. Gucci is just as prevalent here as George’s – it just never leaves its owner’s room.

My favourite event at College is O-Week. I love meeting new people, and getting super involved. Plus, I generally haven’t seen my friends for ages prior, so it’s a great chance to catch up and make new memories.

I was asked to relate my most embarrassing college experience, but in all honesty college life is one big embarrassing blunder through university life – I have too many to choose one.

There were two things that really surprised me about college. First, moving from living in a house on my own into a college dorm was like venturing from the adult world back to high school. There was enough gossip to challenge Dan Humphrey. Secondly (in great contrast), I was surprised by just how accepted I was in my first week. All of a sudden I seemed to be signed up to everything, sometimes without me even knowing. People were genuinely keen to make friends, and I will always treasure that.

If I had the opportunity to give advice to my fresher-self, it would be that drinking is fun, but you’ll end up with the memory of a goldfish. Go to parties sober – it’s generally just as fun because everyone else has liquid courage so there’s plenty of entertainment; you don’t make as many poor decisions; you can drive home; and you have no hangover the next day!

Brodie says, “Apparently I make really cool posters.” You can follow her on Instagram @brodiekelly1995

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