Back at it again for another shot at providing a clean space for all your guild council updates. The Russians stopped us twice but we here at Pelican have cautious optimism that this might be the one that works! By your side for all the guild goss is Head Editor Josh and Politics Sub-Editor Cormac.

Here is our brand spanking new Agenda for this meeting which looks routine, but I wouldn’t count the chickens before they hatch, you never know what comes up in these hallowed halls.

Follow along for all the updates as they come through, or if we crash check out our comment section for general musings.



THIS IS HUGE we’ve started a meeting and haven’t crashed – a real win for student journalism – J


T-minus 12 minutes until a very exciting council meeting which most notably gets the ball rolling for elections in APRIL, maybe our prediction of quarterly elections might just come true – J

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