Gig Guide from (9th April – 22nd)

Back again for another round of freaking fantastic live music. If you have just submitted that group assignment or you are avoiding that group assignment, gigs can be the best way to wind down (or procrastinate).

Check out the second instalment in this gig guide series to give you an idea on what is happening in Perth in the way of live music. You can totally go, even on a student budget!

April continued:

13th April [FRI] – Despite being someone mildly superstitious, nothing will stop me from heading to a gig on this night. I just hope I don’t see a black cat or broken mirror because that might tip me over the edge. Whatever genre of music you are into – there is a gig for you on this Friday the 13th.  

Crooked Colours/ Villa/ $29.86

An electronic trio that us Pethies can claim as our own! They have a SAFIA vibe – Although heavier on the electro more than the pop. Their vocals and synth beats will cause your body to have a mind of its own. My one suggestion – close your eyes and just embrace it.

Your Girl Pho/ The Bird/ $5-$10

Like the combo of jazz, electro, and hip hop? If that was a ‘yes’ then no way should you miss listening to Your Girl Pho live.

Verge Collection/ Jack Rabbit Slims/ $15.60

They are an indie-pop outfit who are producing songs that make any young adult go ‘shit, I can so relate to that’. Previously they haven’t taken their performance seriously, so let’s hope they are a little more professional for their own tour.

Cosmic Psychos /Rosemount/ $38.58

Isn’t it a nice day to go to the pub? To have a beer? And some chips with sauce? (for those who didn’t pick up on it, I was referencing one of their songs). With a beer in one hand and chips in another head down to the Rosemount to watch Cosmic Psychos and immerse yourself in some Aussie bogan rock.

REVERB Festival (Jezebels, Cloud Control, E^st, Maddy Jane & Sloan Peterson)/Edward Park Burswood)/ $61 ($34.30 tickets if you are a UWA student!)

Ok yes, not quite a student budget but look at the line up (and if you don’t recognise the bands please whip out your Spotify and look them up) it will be money well spent. No one goes to Friday tutes anyways.

And this just in – we’ve been given a fantastic discount offer for Pelican Magazine Subscribers & UWA Guild Members!

Just enter Discount Coupon Code: RB18 for $34.30 tickets! 

Reverb is a brand-new festival here in Perth which will have food trucks and lots of FREE parking, which are two very important things.

14th April [SAT]

Alex Lahey/ The Rosemount/ $32.15

Will contain: A female rocking out on stage, a crowd who knows every word to every song and quite possibility a cover of ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia. Keep an ear out for her song ‘Lotto in Reverse’ – it was written about a night out at the Rosemount.

Abbe May/ Jack Rabbit Slims/ $26.10

Bringing a little bit of sex and soul to indie rock, Abbe’s live performance is one not to be missed. I sound like a billboard, but it is true. She is great, her music is great, and her live set will undoubtedly blow you away.

MYTHS/El Grotto/ unknown – assume approx. $10

Have you ever heard of the genre neo-psychedelic? Well I hadn’t but apparently I’m into it. MYTHS give us pop-psych music, or otherwise known as acid punk (said Wikipedia but I’m claiming it), which was iconic to the 70s. They are exactly what our retro loving generation craves.

15th April [SUN]

Comic Psychos /Mojos/ $38.08

Missed them on Friday? Catch them at Mojos.

Young Robin/Indie Bar/$12

Missed their singles launch in March? Have no fear, they will be bringing their indie pop to the indie bar.

18th April [WED]

Dave Sonntag/ The Moon Café/ FREE

Three reasons to go:
One, the groovy drum beats and folk sound of Dave Sonntag. Two, the food at The Moon Café is to die for. And Three, guys it is FREE.

20th April [FRI]

Alex the Astronaut & Stella Donnelly/ Fremantle Arts Centre/ $28.60

Two phenomenal women who can move a crowd with just a guitar. Stella’s silky-smooth vocals and Alex’s story telling will move you to the core. If you didn’t walk in diehard fans, you will walk out as ones.

Spacey Jane/ Mojo’s/ $10

Spacey Jane, who are a 4-piece rock indie band out of Perth, have found themselves a kind of cult following here in Perth – which I have unknowingly become a part of. They can get a crowd going, death circles and crowd surfing included, with killer guitar riffs and lush hair so get ready for some serious head banging.

21st April [SAT]

Heaps Good Friends/ Jack Rabbit Slims/ $15.60

Did you have a hard week? Has uni been giving you too many group assignments? Well, Heaps Good Friends will reinstate your faith in humans. Described as ‘popping candy for your ears’, they will make you boogie with their dance pop sound.

The Southern River Band/ Indi Bar/ $15.87

There will be swearing, shirtless singers and good old classic rock. Be prepared to get hot and steamy with sensual guitar solos which may or may not be played in full rock star style behind their backs.

Read my last gig guide and went to all the gigs? Read this gig guide and went to all the gigs? Oh, I know you did! I hope I have been able to introduce you to at least one local band which will, from now on, be a staple on you Spotify playlist. Until next time, Happy gig’n.

Julia Reynolds

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