The Creator Space is a “one button” media studio in the basement of the physics building. It’s open to all UWA students and staff for to use for video and audio content, as long as it’s related to a particular unit. I sat down with Callan Rose, of the people behind this the project to find out more.

It all started when in the middle of 2016 a studio space became available and with a relatively small investment it could be converted into a space “so simple anyone could use it.”

If you want to record video or audio, you can book the space online, walk in, plug in a thumb drive and press record. That’s all there is to it. It was designed with Science Communication students in mind, who have to produce video content but often don’t have access to camera, lighting and audio gear. If you do have your equipment, you are still welcome to use the space for its lighting or green screen.

So far it’s been used to produce everything for law podcasts to engineering videos – and some days it has been almost fully booked out, but Callan hopes that sometime soon it’s full nine to five every single day. It’s all part of a big shift towards video content in our everyday lives, being able to produce it is already giving people the edge when applying for jobs.

Callan has one main tip, “You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg.” You also don’t have to speak like a newsreader, there’s something authentic about not being media trained. He also says it’s important to know what you want to say – dot points, scripts and storyboards are the best way to stay on track.

This semester, if any of your classes require you to create multimedia, don’t worry – click here for bookings.

Patrick Morrison | @iampatricksego
Science Editor 
Patrick is a neuroscience and archeology major. He doesn’t think anything is real. 


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