Unsure of which outfits will define your first few weeks of university life. Curious to know  just the right phrase that describes your style. Well look no further than these six easy questions to know with 100% certainty your fashionista speed!

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1. To you a Gucci bag is…

a) Your one true love before all

b) Robbery

c) A piece of leather

2. You rock up to a party and someone is wearing the same outfit as you, do you…

a) Hyperventilate, your worst nightmare has unfolded! You run back home to change and arrive very fashionably late.

b) Stand next to them and do a “ who wore it better” shot for insta. You know you’re slaying it.

c) You’d be too blitzed to realize.

3. The Met Gala’s theme this year is…

a) Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

b) Wasted Wonders: Junk to Couture

c) Why do they need a theme to meet a gala?


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4. At an Alexander McQueen fashion show we would find you…

a) ‘Frow’ (front row) next to Lily-Rose Depp and Alexa Chung

b) Backstage, sipping grape juice with the girls

c) On the side-lines, enjoying a visual feast of booties thanks to Peek-a-boo attire

5. You’re preparing for a big night out, do you…

a) Plan your outfit in advance and take three hours of preparation perfecting your hair and makeup

b) Get the squad together and do each other’s hair whilst downing shots

c) Pull out the first thing you see in your closet, brush your hair and teeth are out the door in 10!

6. To have cool style you must…

a) Read Vogue, follow every Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Marc Jacobs on Insta

b) Wear what looks the best on you, for you

c) Walk with enough swagger to stop a stampede



Mostly A’s – FAST Fashionista:

To you, life is a catwalk and you must always put your best diamanté heel forward. To put it simply you are a clothes addict and get your buzzes knowing you’re donning the look “du jour”. Fashion never fails to thrill and delight you. You’re a trend chaser and your outfits appear as if you walked straight off the catwalk onto campus. This year your Insta-followers will sky rocket with your fashion-savvy style and your photos might even be used to make fake cat-fish accounts on Tinder. Remember fashion is a timeless sense of style. So slow down and breathe in the fabric!

Mostly B’s – Medium Mod:

You wear your brains. You’re arty, adventurous and inventive with fashion. To you fashion is just another outlet for your creativity. Your style is very eclectic – one day you’re rocking retro punk next you’re keeping classy in a 50s polka dot dress. You are sometimes frugal with fashion and think it should not be dictated by white men in Milan. You would rather spend your hard earned cash on travelling to Spain, than buying a Gucci handbag. Sometimes you blur the lines between fashionista and frumpy- other times you’re a Diane Kruger and sometimes you’re sporting gym clothes and a backpack!

Mostly C’s – Slow Saab:

Well hello fledgling fashionista! This upcoming issue is dedicated to you. Let’s be real you’d rather play Simz than clothes shop. You like to keep simple. You wear – well you just don’t care. But somehow you pull off unexpected combos and people admire your daring style. Also, your Grandma has good fashion sense so you make do with Christmas sweaters. Just remember one golden rule this semester, do not, I repeat do not wear your leaver’s jacket to uni no matter how comfy it is. Even if all your other clothes spontaneously combust!

Susie Charkey Fashion Editor

Art by Shamina Rozario

By Pelican Magazine

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