Music editor Tess Bury caught up with local heartthrob Albert Pritchard, AKA New Nausea, to find out how he started making music and what makes him do it.


When did you start making music?

When I was 14 or so I wrote this real dumb song called “Rose tinted glasses” and it was really just about the phrase ‘rose tinted glasses’, it was dumb as heck.


What inspires you to write?

It’s all really about processing shit. I write mainly to work something out or memorialise an experience. Sometimes I will get my head around something that is bugging me by writing something about it. Sometimes I just feel a drive to capture something that happened… I dunno, I guess it’s actually an extension of journaling, really.


Describe your music in three words.

Sentimental couch-fi.


What’s the “softest” music to you?

Joanna Newsom, have one on me. Which isn’t to say it’s soft, mind.


Do you have any releases?

To my unending frustration, no. There’s some videos on YouTube, though.


Tell us about the best band you’ve supported.

Oof… ah, either Stella Donnelly or Jacob Diamond, I think. Both are stars. Like, I know that sounds weak when I say it like that, but seriously, both are going to someday reach the number of people they deserve to reach and have the adoration of many, many, many of them.


Did you know that New Nausea can be anagrammed into “Sauna Ween”?

I didn’t, I guess I had never really cared to know such pointless information.


Do you like the band Ween?

Never listened to them but my mate Axel has a tat of that spiky head logo they use so that’s good enough for me to not think bad, unsubstantiated thoughts about them.


Have you ever been in a sauna?

Only on the oculus rift sooooooo, no?


What gives you nausea?

Smug interviewers.


What other bands are you in?

Ho, ho, ho, my favourite topic.


Where can we find you?

Nelson Street, South Fremantle. Or y’know, like, Instagram and Facebook.


Interview by Tess Bury, photography by Amber Bateup

This interview first appeared in print volume 88 edition 7 SOFT

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