With over 300 names on the ballot this year (and so many potential friends to be made) my standard routine -Facebook stalking- research just isn’t going to cut it. To get to know the REAL people behind the names/faces/vacant smiles I decided to dive deep into modern psychological science to find the best tools and theories for understanding today’s baby politician. Following a recommendation from the UWA School of Psychology I spoke to resident Sorting expert Laney Kunum, the Founder and president of the UWA Harry Potter Society.

Ruth: to begin with I think I should declare that I identify as a Slytherin, but I do not at all accept that Slytherins are evil or manipulative. I think they are the most moral and loyal house.
Laney: Yeah if you look at it from the outside without any real understanding of the HP world you would think that Gryffindors are good, Slytherins are evil, and Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws don’t matter at all, but that’s not the way it is. The sorting system is more more complex than that. I am doing this based on my creds. Serious sorting advice. I should also say, I too am a Slytherin.
Ruth: 🙂
Laney: 🙂

The Presidential candidates

Megan Lee (STAR, prez candidate)
Laney: A Slytherin, although I should note that when she signed up for the Harry Potter Society she self-identified as a Hufflepuff (Ruth: WHAT) but I think that she is truly a Slytherin – when I think about the kind of president she would be I think she would get things done, and be very pragmatic about everything, and not be worried about public approval (unlike Gryffindors who really need it).
Ruth: That’s a big Slytherin thing – not needing people to approve of you, and being comfortable with your own decisions and who you are. I think she’ll make a very effective leader. Not a Hufflepuff. I think people choose Hufflepuff if they want people to think that they’re nice. I think the heart of Slytherins is loyalty – not to just anyone, but to someone who deserves it. Gryffindors are more like blind loyalty to the leader.
Laney: also snakes are really cool. They’re resourceful.
Ruth: and who doesn’t look good in green.

Michael McKenzie (LAUNCH, Prez Candidate)
Laney: Definitely a Gryffindor
Ruth: Definitely
Laney: I feel like his entire team is behind him they 100% adore him. Completely
Ruth: And to be adored is a very Gryffindor thing.
Laney: He is their star – he reminds me of Harry Potter himself in that his entire team is fully united behind him. He’s their leader, and you have to be brave to take on STAR and take on the establishment
Ruth: You have to be a little bit silly and a little bit brave. He has that inspiring thing about him.

Scott Harney (Left Action, Prez candidate)
Laney: He is a lovely, lovely boy, and definitely a Ravenclaw. He’s so measured and thoughtful and to me he just seems so intelligent. That’s Ravenclaw – smarts. Of all kinds. Being aware of things, and into things.
Ruth: I don’t know him.
Laney: you know a lot of people choose Ravenclaw.
Ruth: I thought you can’t even choose your house – I thought it’s like a personality test where you just are what you are. Do you think people just choose Ravenclaw?
Laney: At the HP Society Bake sale all the Ravenclaw cupcakes sold out first. A lot of people pick Ravenclaw because to them it’s not bad like Slytherin and it’s not normal Gryffindor and because no-one ever wants to be Hufflepuff. People don’t judge Ravenclaw. It’s safe.

Caleb Holmes (Yes for Marriage Equality, Prez Candidate)
Laney: I can’t place him – he is either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff
Ruth: Well he is running for Yes for Marriage Equality, and I think it is a very Hufflepuff thing to promote social issues in a very real and respectful way.
Laney: Kind is like Hufflepuff’s defining characteristic. Everyone can be (fake) nice, but Hufflepuffs are genuinely helpful and concerned about other people and selfless.
Ruth: What a huge complement it would be to be sorted into Hufflepuff – it means you’re a lovely person and people want to be your friend
Laney: BUT everyone would want to be your friend if you’re Gryffindor
Ruth: no I feel like Slytherins wouldn’t. Gryffindors want to be friends with Gryffindors because they’re all kindof obsessed with being part of cliques and being popular and approved of. It’s kind of a cult. Slytherins don’t care about what you think of them. They’re totally ok with that. And Ravenclaws are too sensible to care about that. Hufflepuffs are the best friends.

Laney: So it actually works out perfectly – Meg’s a Slytherin (green) and Mike’s a Gryffindor (red), Scott’s a Ravenclaw, and Caleb is a Hufflepuff.
Ruth: Cute. This should be their recruitment method. Though to be honest, I think that by default all politicians fit into Gryffindor because they’re obsessed with public approval.
Laney: that’s true
Ruth: Snape was a good Slytherin
Laney: who gave his life for the greater good – that’s the purest love. You know Merlin was a Slytherin.
Ruth: Of course <3


In no particular order here are Laney’s sorts of a selection of the Elected candidates.

~ No comment on the treasurers, societies council prez candidates, ISS – neither Laney nor Ruth have ever met them ~

Conrad Hogg (STAR, Ed Council Prez) A Slytherin – he was sorted into it by Pottermore, and I think he is one. It’s accurate
Elizabeth Powley (LAUNCH, Ed Council Prez) Gryffindor – she’s the Ginny of LAUNCH. She’s so loyal to Michael.
Lucas Roosendaal (LAUNCH, PAC Prez) Slytherin. He’s in the Wine appreciation committee. I’m happy to be in the same house as him.
Joseph Chan (STAR, PAC Prez) Gryffindor – He has a lot of public affection for him
Roshni Kaila (STAR, Women’s Rep) I met her at the HP Society bake sale. She’s very nice. She’s Ravenclaw.
Kate Pryce (LAUNCH, Women’s Rep) – Gryffindor – team player
Phoebe Ho (STAR, Welfare Rep) Ravenclaw – so clever, organised, and aware of what’s going on.
Audrey Tascon (LAUNCH, Welfare Rep) Hufflepuff – She seems really nice. The heart of the Launch team.

Ian Tan (LAUNCH, Enviro Officer) Gryffindor – he’s got that public facing morality.
Basundhara Dutta (STAR, Enviro Officer) Hufflepuff – Very sweet – she’s in the Love foundation. So lovely. She added me on Facebook
Molly Goldacre (STAR, Sports Rep) Gryffindor – She’s in my marketing Law tutorial.
Such Kalia (LAUNCH, Sports Rep) – Hufflepuff – she’s in Science Union.

Jacob Kerspien (Launch NUS rep) Ravenclaw – He added me on Facebook
Kate Fletcher (LAUNCH, NUS rep) Gryffindor – very lovely, and super loyal
Vin Gajanayake (STAR, NUS rep) Gryffindor all the way
Tyson McEwan (STAR, NUS rep) Hufflepuff 100%
Lewis Hutton (LAUNCH, NUS rep and campaign manager) Ravenclaw – very aware of things
Emma Norton (LEFT ACTION, NUS rep) – Hufflepuff – Ruth: She’s always championing causes and I never question her motives. Other people who are in politics there’s always a feeling of self-interest, but she genuinely believes in her causes. (Ruth also has a lot of love for Emma <3)
Lincoln Aspinall (STAR, NUS rep) Gryffindor – gets things done
Justin James Workman (LAUNCH, NUS rep) – A Gryffendor Cheerleader – biggest fan of the team
Davina Daudu (STAR, NUS rep and campaign manager) Ravenclaw – intelligent and a sensible girl
Jacob Colangelo (LAUNCH NUS rep) – no question, a Slytherin.

Wildcard Sorts

Jack Looby – not running in the elections, yet one of the biggest players behind the scenes. Also the one person we could not agree on for a Sort. The boy is a chameleon. Maybe a Ravenclaw.

Maddie Mulholland (IPP) – calls herself a Hufflepuff, but defs a Slytherin – too politically aware to not be. Try talking to her sometime.

<3 NEVIN <3 (current Prez) – he’s a Gryffindor. The purest of them all. Go Nevin. He’s brave and like the man Godric himself.

IVAN RONCEVICH (Independent) A Gryffindor – Included by special request, because of his persistent attention seeking habits.


Words by Ruth Thomas and Laney Kunum

Send your election tips and three word bios to [email protected] – if our myers-briggs match we’ll sort you too.

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