1. Todd Rundgren // Disco Jets

Todd Rundgren is this eccentric guy from the 70’s who used to wear big heels and makeup. He wrote this album as a spoof disco piece but it’s so amazing – the melodies and keyboard changes are beautiful.


  1. Ariel Pink // Before Today

Sounds like psychedelic dream pop.


  1. Serge Gainsbourg // Melody Nelson

Serge is a French song writer from the 60’s. He was famous for his controversial and witty lyrics.


  1. Melody’s Echo Chamber // Melody’s Echo Chamber

A French musician’s debut album. Beautiful and haunting. Sounds a little like Broadcast.


  1. Beastie Boys // Paul’s Boutique

One of the most sample happy albums of all time.


This article first appeared in print volume 88 edition 4 GIRL.