Pelican’s music editor Tess Bury met up with local duo Supernaked, comprised of Beth Commons and Jordan Shakespeare, to talk about their music and writing process.

Tess: Hi Supernaked! Have you ever seen each other naked?

Beth: We have seen each other naked.

Jordan: I’ve only seen one of Beth’s boobs.

How would you describe your music?

J: Depressive synth pop.

Tell us about your recording process.

B: We go into Jordan’s room, he has a synth setup, and then we just sort of … play around with it. Sometimes a good song comes out of it, sometimes it doesn’t.  Jordan makes it sound good whenever it’s done.

Hey presto. Do you have any releases coming out?

B: We’ve got a little EP, it’s our first EP. It’s called Supernaked with a little “xo” on the end of it, because we’re friendly.

Tell us the story of how you got your band name.

J: Our friend Fabian. Beth was telling a story that went something like, “we were naked, like, super naked,” and Fabian was like, “woah … how do you be super naked?” And we laughed for ages.

If you had to tell someone something before they hear your music what would it be?

B: Just be happy.

J: Don’t cry.

B: Sorry … just remember that we’re both okay.

What food and drink should accompany your music?

B: It’s gotta be this cauliflower soup that I make for us, with prosciutto on top. And Coke for the drink, obviously.

How do you think people feel when they watch you live? Do you think they feel sad, happy, confused?

B: I like to think they don’t feel sad, because we are just having so much fun.

J: It’s a cutes-y live set.

B: It’s a cute time, because we’re all just there, we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re all just looking at each other and we have a bond. Our friend Sam Rocchi plays with us, and he’s amazing, so sometimes it’s The Sam Show.

Whats’ your dream Perth band line-up?

J: Alzabo, Childsaint.

B: Doctopus, Spencer Arbuckle.

Both: Erasers. They’re a better version of what we do.

What’s going to happen when you move to Melbourne, Beth?

B: A hiatus. Because we just started making music and Supernaked is something I love and enjoy doing, and I don’t want it to die.

J: We’re going to keep on recording and I’ll keep sending Beth stuff. We wanted it to just be a recording project anyway, so we don’t mind losing the live component.

SupaIGA or normal IGA?

J: I like progressive IGA’s. Or the ones with the really cheap bread.

If your band was an animal, what animal would it be?

J: Roadkill. Or a mute owl.

Are some of your songs about breakups?

J: All of them

Interview by Tess Bury.


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