Munka is a constructed language I am designing. I began working on it as a supplement to a Dungeons and Dragons universe. It has its own vocabulary, grammar and script independent of any one natural language. The writing system makes use of logograms, so many words are represented by a single glyph as in Chinese or ancient Egyptian.

Conversation 1
ta’w ngarya
2s=ACC see

Conversation 2
ta rakkak ku?
2s healthy INT
how are you?
ya rakkak, at ta?
1s healthy and 2s
I’m well, and you?
mana akta
also thus

Conversation 3
yu marangatra’w atrakatra pu ta larya ku?
1p theatre=ACC towards-go REL 2s enjoy INT
would you like to go to the theatre with me?
li larray tama.
DEM lovely POT
that would be lovely.

Words and Language by Nate Wood

This article first appeared in volume 88 edition 3 SOAP