You should vote. You really should. Do it. Because Your Vote Counts; it is incredibly special. To vote is to exercise Your Right under one of the most Sacred Auspices Of Democracy; to realise yourself as an individual with Agency, with Power, who Cares About Things. Remember those election ads on TV where votes were kind of stored away in these little secret treasure boxes, all snug and golden and waiting to be cast, like it was this magical glowing ball thing, like a horcrux, only the good kind? That’s a pretty accurate representation, hey. You should nurture your vote, make love with it before you part with it, and believe that however seemingly insignificant: it Makes A Difference.

So yeah, you should definitely vote in the UWA Alumni Fund People’s Choice Award. Open to staff, alumni and students, there is a pick of three nominated grant projects, all of which seek to innovate upon and enhance the student experience. The competition closes 5pm tomorrow (a full 24 hours after Guild Election voting, ew, wraps up), with a prize of up to $30,000. It isn’t a multi-million-dollar organisation up for grabs or like, the power to decide upon whether to have more kebab stands on Oak Lawn. But it’s something.

Contenders listed below.

1) One Button Studio

Keywords and phrases: free video production facilities, high quality Quicktime, end of Comms Student video-making privilege, self-service vine stop


2) Mentoring Education Students Placed in Disadvantaged Schools

Keywords and phrases: Initial Teach Education (ITE) students, better literacy, learning disabilities, online mentoring, workshops


3) Enhancing Learner Autonomy and Digital Literacy in LOTE Contexts

Keywords and phrases: textbooks suck, online repository, student-led content creation, Korean pop songs to improve your Korean, quirky promo video editing

More info and voting links found here.

Words by Kate Prendergast

By Pelican Magazine

Pelican is the second-oldest student publication in Australia and the only independent paper at UWA. If you like having opinions, writing, drawing, and/or free tickets to local events, then Pelican is the place for you! We print six themed issues a year, and run a stream of online content.

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