July 2016

“Questions to be Answered”: Staff Uncertainties Remain as UWA Restructure Moves into Next Phase

The UWA Renewal project has moved onto its so-called ‘Build’ phase, after it was last week announced that the current nine faculties will be squashed down to just four. On Friday’s Open Forum, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dawn Freshwater assuaged few anxieties over what was to come next for staff, leaving them still in the dark as to whether they will have a job at the end of the year, how they would fit into the final structure, and under what terms of contract. Kate Prendergast reports.

Words with Mosquito Coast

"In the beginning, it was just a basement full of about eight people playing flat out all at once. Eventually we began shedding layers and then it was just Naomi and me left, and that’s when the music got serious." Triple J Unearthed High winners Mosquito Coast talk formation and future with Reuben Wylie.

RevFest Review: Baskin

"While it’s hard to gather any concrete meaning (or narrative) from the film, it’s gloriously satisfying to watch corrupt cops get their dues. In a decrepit abandoned police station, no less. A villager leading the troupe to their death actually yells “Fuck the police'." Zoe Kilbourn reviews.

Greyhound Racing: Animal Abuse as Entertainment

Australia is one of only eight nations worldwide where greyhound racing is legal. Earlier this month, NSW became the first state to ban the sport, with enforcement starting July next year. With calls from activists to expand the ban to a national level, Maddison Howard asks "by enabling even ‘clean’ greyhound racing to continue in Australia, are we turning our backs on animal welfare?"

Review: Love & Friendship

"I do think this film is very much worth seeing, if just to see Whitman dispel myths of Austen as “fuddy duddy bullshit” (quote attributed to a woman on Facebook)." Pema Monaghan reviews Love & Friendship.

The Clown That Could Be President

"So how exactly did “an orange Elvis squirted from a can of Cheez Whiz” manage to slip through the cracks of social common sense (which retrospect indicates is actually gaping ravines) and become a very real contender in the race to replace Obama as the next president of the United States of America?" Leona Mpagi wonders.