May 2016

I Watched The Second Leaders’ Debate Because the Creeping Dread of Sunday Night Wasn’t Enough of a Downer

The Second Leaders’ Debate aired last night, and the hands of everyone watching trembled above their remote buttons with the overwhelming urge to switch to MasterChef. Yet Auspol soldier Wade McCagh endured and, fatigued yet miraculously lucid, emerges from perhaps television’s dullest forty minutes to articulate what went down for you here.

Review: Ghost the Musical

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to adapt the smash-hit you wrote for the silver screen to the stage. However, American screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin’s reworking of his Academy Award winning film Ghost nearly pulls it off. Nicholas Monisse reviews.

Game Development and the ‘Crunch Time’

If people like St John and Molyneux understood that the only reason people take a minimum-wage job to toil away on videogames was because they love the medium, perhaps then maybe we could make some actual progress on workers’ rights, without it devolving into an argument about privileged, cry-baby millennials not wanting to work hard. Words by Cameron Moyses.

What I Want to Wear to Graduation

"The regalia I want when I graduate next year need be clear-eyed about the history here, for history provides the bedrock from which one can live a good life." Robert Wood gives his vision of a university which acknowledges rather than effaces its Indigenous heritage; which looks beyond the colonial symbolism and practices still entrenched in Australia's institutions of learning.

Review: Beyoncé – Lemonade (Columbia)

The album is a brutally honest look into Beyoncé’s womanhood, her blackness and the intersection between the two. It is quite arguably her magnum opus; a career defining work of art which offers a jarring and oftentimes uncomfortable look into Beyoncé’s marriage and her experiences as a black woman.