Getting a Thermomix

The delicate difference between a flat white and a latte

The soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld

Dank memes

Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci’s onscreen chemistry

Hash browns

Jo and Laurie’s relationship in Little Women.

The Frasier closing credits music.

The elements of an effective flatlay


The situation in Chechnya

Rafael Nadal

Mum’s chicken parma

Tauel Harper’s chest hair

Actuarial science

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s unlikely but perfect love story

Pitching an article to Vice

Buying a ticket to Burning Man

Lauren Conrad’s fashion line

Pieter Bruegel’s genre paintings

Investing in Spanx

Season 3 of 30 Rock

Terrence Howard

Lighting up in the Sunken Gardens later on

William Carlos Williams

Bon Iver’s bald patch

A summer house in Dunsborough

Starting a podcast

The last ever episode of Rove when Powderfinger performed live

Sea turtles


Jamie Oliver’s new recipe book, Every Day Superfood

What Diane Keaton’s kitchen probably looks like

Fellini’s 8 ½

Finally submitting to Pelican

How much guilt one should feel re: enjoying Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris

Sweet potato chips

Those fancy glass KeepCups

Just giving up and doing the JD

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