Perth’s own folk/jazz musician (and cutest man) Eduardo Cossio is back with his second solo EP, The Work Of Days. Consisting entirely of instrumentals, these tracks range from chilled out to laid back. Not that that is a criticism – the lounge vibe that Peruvian-born and WAAPA-trained Cossio presents feels authentic in its roots and assured in its execution.

At this point I should reveal a reviewer’s bias: Cossio is a founding member of (now-defunct? who knows) The Whistling Dogs, who were one of my all-time favourite Perth bands. Although he didn’t write ‘MacGyver’, their best track, he contributed other gems such as ‘I Love My Cat’, as well as a ridiculous amount of talent over an equally ridiculous number of instruments.

Putting aside his usual clownishly large array of instruments, Cossio is now content with just a guitar in hand and harmonica in mouth. His band of James Vinciullo (bass) and Francisco Munoz (drums) provides able backing to Cossio’s guitar work, while Alana Macpherson (alto sax) shares lead duties, most notably on fourth track ‘Child’.

The gentle grooves on this EP are great. The band lock in really well (although Macpherson’s playing sometimes sounds more like an eisteddfod recital than it should) and the melodies are catchy and simple. This is jaunty, easy listening music for happy days at home.

Review by Maisie Glen

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