Write for Pelican

Whoever you are – whatever your faculty, course, background, or M&M’s vs. Skittles preference – we want YOU. If you just want to write one article for us, ever – that is great. If you’d like to write us a thousand words for us every week – also great. There is no joining fee, no formal membership, and no strings. Just a passion for good and original content.

Getting your work published by us is actually nowhere near as tough as you’d think. This is a result of a couple of things – including our editorial independence from the Guild, our commitment to working closely with our writers, and our guiding principle to publish a diverse range of voices in keeping with the wide scope of the UWA student body.

You can (and should) also join our Pelican Contributors Group for 2019. By doing so, you opt in to a whole heap of opportunities, updates, free stuff, and charming posts by the editors. It’s probably the best first step to getting involved.

If you’re wondering what kind of content gets published, well, that’s tough. Whether you’re talking form, style, or topic, our ambit is vast. So long as it is 100% free of anything so nasty as hate-speech, slurs or any other kind of derogatory language, then we’re rolling. Want to write an opinion piece on Australian politics? Sick. Draw a comic about living with mental illness? Hell yes. Road-test different Subway stores about Perth? Hash out some poetry, short fiction, or speculative oral history? Or perhaps make like an Onion writer, pull on your investigative journalism gloves, have a chat with someone for an interview? We are dancing for days. Whether it’s writing for play, or writing with purpose: consider us keen.

Our readers are university students, so we are looking for submissions that keep this target audience in mind. To submit, send us an email at pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au with “Online Pitch” as the subject line. You can also get in touch with our section editors if you already have an idea of where your piece will fit. This can be an idea for a piece, or a fully-fledged ready to go, party time, document. You’ll need to attach your piece in a word document, size 11 Calibri font, with your name at the top of the piece and also a one line bio. Examples of the bios we love can be found on Page 6-7 of our first print issue, here, and also on most of our recent online pieces. Please also include links to any Twitter or Instagram accounts you want us to include, or let us know if you don’t want to include these. Check out the end of this online article for an example of how we credit our authors.


Check out our first two print issues for 2019 if you haven’t already, ENTER and QUIRK.

We are looking for all the same content as we are for online. In the subject line, please put Print Submission. You can contact us at pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au or if you have an idea for the category your piece can go, get in touch with our groovy sub-editors here.

If you’re submitting an image or artwork for print, it must be 300 dpi, CMYK and in JPEG or PNG format please and kind regards.

EDITION 3 – GOLD – 14th  April.

Please make sure you read this style guide before before submitting something and adjust your work accordingly. 


Web articles can be submitted any time, and have no set word limits. It is however always best to hit us up with an email first, so we can workshop ideas and prevent double-ups. See the above dates for print submissions.

Articles most suited to web are those which are relevant, topical and timely. For example, analyses of current events, opinion pieces, reviews and satire. Don’t let these examples limit you though. Here is a more detailed explanation of the kinds of pieces we are looking for.


Film reviews, concert reviews, book reviews, reviews of reviews – we want them all.

They can’t be any longer than 600 words and ideally will include a cover image of the book or film you’re reviewing, or photos from the concert you went to. Check out this film review, this book review and this event review for inspo. Please make sure you italicise titles of books or films if you’re reviewing them. Please.


Interviews with authors, with politicians, with musicians, with celebs, with people with interesting stories, with Guild OGCs, with lecturers, with students doing cool shit. We’ll read them. They have to be between 800 – 1,500 words. Some examples of ripper interviews we’ve done in 2018 include an interview with Craig Silvey, with Warwick Thornton, with Tom Ballard, with UWA student, James Dingley and with some local Perth fashion designers. Have a read for some ideas. We’ll also need you to have read, watched or listened to previous interviews with the person you want to talk to, to make sure you are bringing a #fresh angle on the person/idea to our student audience. And, if you can include a portrait of the person or photos relevant to the interview, we’ll love you forever.


You have thoughts and feelings on a topic that you want to share with the world? We are a student-led online magazine with a track record for starting flame-wars in comment threads! Match made in online heaven. We don’t want any more than 1000 words, the dream is around 750. Some examples of Op-Eds we’ve loved this year were about UWA Alumni’s approach to International Women’s Day, the media coverage of Stephen Hawkings death, Australia’s approach to Nuclear Disarmament and also mental health over the holidays. The best op-eds are short, succinct and punchy. Go hard. Pull no punches, but always punch up.


Got a tip for a breaking news story at UWA? Let us know. Know about an event or story or idea in Perth that is of interest to student readers? Hot. Want to cover an upcoming event and make a social video? Mint. Have a look at this social media video of The Backyard Music Festival, read this news article on the proposal to give Guild OGC’s academic credit and check out this piece on UWA’s new Creator Space. The Walkley’s are looking to award a student journo of the year, so please do let us know if you have some news or want to break a story. We’ll break it with you.


Creative writing/poetry

We’d love your words! We are really looking for creative non-fiction, prose, poetry, shopping lists. Ideally, your prose won’t be longer than 1,500 words and your poetry won’t be longer than 40 lines. We are keen to see whatever you’ve got.

Social video series/podcast series

We’ve made a brave foray into the world of podcasts. Our first one you can listen to or reach here, Better Late Than Fresher. We also have fortnightly film reviews, Reviews With Puppies, that are short videos. If you have an idea for one of these mediums, send us an email pitching your idea and give us a sense of what it might be similar to and what the point of difference is and why it’s relevant to a student audience.


Would love to see it. Just bear in mind the specs are 300 dpi, CMYK and in JPEG or PNG format please and kind regards. If this is a foreign language to you, just get in touch with us and we can go from there!

Cover Art

Similar to regular feature art, but a few key differences. Again 300dpi, CMYK in JPEG or PNG is a must. But it also has to tie into the theme perhaps a little more so than other stuff. Ideally, it would have a strong focus or subject and be ideal and grabbing as a cover. But also, feel free to throw that all in the guideline bin and submit stuff you have you think would be fantastic anyway.