Kate Prendergast

UWA’s woeful sexual harassment reporting procedures under reform following pressure from Student Guild

Unclear, at times bizarre, and lacking in adequate information and support, the current procedure for reporting sexual harassment on campus is at last getting an overhaul - thanks largely to pressure and recommendations from the UWA Student Guild. Is the review's timing just that little bit too coincidental with the 'Respect. Now. Always.' campaign currently being rolled out around the country? Kate Prendergast reports.

“Questions to be Answered”: Staff Uncertainties Remain as UWA Restructure Moves into Next Phase

The UWA Renewal project has moved onto its so-called ‘Build’ phase, after it was last week announced that the current nine faculties will be squashed down to just four. On Friday’s Open Forum, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dawn Freshwater assuaged few anxieties over what was to come next for staff, leaving them still in the dark as to whether they will have a job at the end of the year, how they would fit into the final structure, and under what terms of contract. Kate Prendergast reports.