Review: The Beguiled

For what I initially felt was a regimented plot, too tailored for mood-setting and panoptic brushstrokes, I now recognise as a necessary and beautifully rendered aesthetic mission. Ryan Suckling reviews.

Review: Baby Driver

Overall, Baby Driver is a triumph of style over substance. It turns the chase film into high-art without challenging the viewers’ expectations of the genre. Dominic Kwaczynski reviews.

Review: A Dog’s Purpose

It doesn’t take a study of the human condition to make a movie. Sometimes a movie’s purpose is simply to present a gratuitous, simple, but relatable story. William Huang reviews.

Review: The Viceroy’s House

There is an earnest attempt to portray the horrors of the period. But the melodrama and simplification of complex issues means achieving any sense of political realism is eluded. Julian Coleman reviews.

Review: The Mummy

Clearly the film was made with a teen audience in mind and the result is your typical M-rated action blockbuster, full of goofy humour and noisy set pieces but nothing distinct to set it apart. Dominic Kwaczynski reviews.

Review: A Quiet Passion

This is an emotionally affecting film, from its depiction of the young, quietly rebellious Dickinson to the embittered woman she becomes. Clinton Ducas reviews

Review: I Am Heath Ledger

What could be a passionate portrait of a talented, deeply conflicted artist, is more akin to a celebratory eulogy for family and friends. Zoe Tongue reviews.