About Pelican


Art by Jessica Grace – Art (Jess Cockerill, Vol.87. Ed.1)

Pelican is UWA’s editorially independent student magazine. We are the second oldest student publication in Australia, flipping the bird since 1929.

The 2019 editors are Sophie Minissale and Susannah Charkey, and they go about their work of publishing original student-created content with the help of 13 fantastic section editors. Pelican is not a club or a community, and has no joining or membership fee. Submissions are open any time to all UWA students and graduates.

You can pick up a free copy of Pelican from stands around UWA’s Crawley campus, or various CBD and outer metro locations. We publish eight themed print copies every year in tandem with our website.

If you are interested in writing for us (we hope you are, you definitely should) our email is pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au. Additionally, the individual subeditor/ section editor emails are below.

Sub Eds:

Arts: Aimee Dodds & Stirling Kain – pelicanarts@guild.uwa.edu.au

Campus News: Cameron Carr – pelicancampus@guild.uwa.edu.au

Diversity: Eliza Huston & Elanor Leman – pelicandiversity@guild.uwa.edu.au

Fashion: Maja Maric & Samuel Worley – pelicanfashion@guild.uwa.edu.au

Film: Thomas Tang & Dominic Kwaczynski – pelicanfilm@guild.uwa.edu.au

Lifestyle: Ava Cadee & Eloise Skoss – pelicanlifestyle@guild.uwa.edu.au

Literature: Asha Couch & Laurent Shervington – pelicanliterature@guild.uwa.edu.au

Music: Patrick Roso – pelicanmusic@guild.uwa.edu.au

Politics: Jacob Mitchell & Minnie Jackson – pelicanpolitics@guild.uwa.edu.au

Science: Zoe Castleden & Lachlan MacRae – pelicanscience@guild.uwa.edu.au

Tech and Gaming: Bayley Horne – pelicantechnology@guild.uwa.edu.au

The views expressed within are not the views of the UWA Student Guild or the Pelican editorial staff, but the individual writers and artists.

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