About Pelican


Danjoo (Interwoven), by Esther McDowell / Yabini Kickett

Pelican is UWA’s editorially-independent student magazine. We are the second oldest student publication in Australia, flipping the bird since 1929.

Pelican dedicates itself to publishing a diverse range of voices, in keeping with the wide scope of the UWA student body; editorial independence from the Guild; and working closely with our writers.




Pelican is not a club or a community, and has no joining or membership fee. Submissions are open any time to all UWA students and graduates.

You can pick up a free copy of Pelican from stands around UWA’s Crawley or Nedlands campuses. We publish six themed print copies every year, in tandem with our website.

If you’re interested in writing for us (and we hope you are – you definitely should), have a look at our Write for Pelican page.


2020 Editors: Bayley Horne and Stirling Kain


Please note: the following e-mail addresses are not yet active. Please direct your queries and pitches to pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au. 


2020 Sub-Editors:

Arts: Riva-Jean Lander and Abigail MacLeod – pelicanarts@guild.uwa.edu.au

Campus News: Courtney Withers – pelicancampus@guild.uwa.edu.au

Comedy – Rupert Williamson –

Diversity: Elanor Leman – pelicandiversity@guild.uwa.edu.au

Finance and Economics: Millie Muroi –

Film: Lachlan Serventy – pelicanfilm@guild.uwa.edu.au

Lifestyle: Cameron Carr – pelicanlifestyle@guild.uwa.edu.au

Literature and Creative Writing: Elena Perse and Isabelle Yuen – pelicanliterature@guild.uwa.edu.au

Music: Ella Fox-Martens  – pelicanmusic@guild.uwa.edu.au

Politics: Christine Chen – pelicanpolitics@guild.uwa.edu.au

Science: Paris Javid – pelicanscience@guild.uwa.edu.au

Tech and Gaming: Caleb Cheng – pelicantechnology@guild.uwa.edu.au


The views expressed within are not the views of the UWA Student Guild or the Pelican editorial staff, but the individual writers and artists.


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