February 2017

Oscars 2017: Art vs Tradition

It’s an establishment, an institution with a stubborn voting membership, a penchant for self-aggrandising, and a sucker for tradition. Ryan Suckling review the 2017 Oscar nominations.

Review: Split

The film plays with the idea that disorders, such as the one Kevin has, unlock the brains true potential; that when the mind splits itself it can actually change the entire makeup of the body it possesses. Kelly Dunn reviews.

Words with Mei Fong ( 方凤美 )

I think all writers have a weakness for the picturesque. That's good in capturing your reader and putting them in vivid landscapes. But it must be tempered, certainly in the case of non-fiction books, with a search for the truth, which isn't always pretty or grotesque or extreme. Laurent Shervington interviews Mei Fong.

Words with Garth Nix

A novel is usually published as YA not necessarily because of its themes or subject matter, or even the age of its protagonists, but because editorial, sales and marketing people think it will sell best if it is labelled as YA. Prema Arasu spoke to Garth Nix ahead of his appearance at the Perth Writers Festival.

Words with Marwa al-Sabouni

Whatever I feel it is definitely not excitement; it is a huge responsibility for every citizen and inhabitant of this place to even witness what it might be turned into. Pema Monaghan spoke to author Marwa al-Sabouni

Words with L-Fresh the Lion

Cat Pagani spoke with Australian Hip Hop artist and social activist L-Fresh the Lion ahead of his performance at the Perth International Arts Festival

Pierre Ulric: Mysteries at the Maj

Like most arts, to relay the specifics of a magic show is to bastardise its imagination. Suffice to say that the familiar utensils of cards and envelopes were used to stunning effect. Harry Peter Sanderson reviews.

REVIEW: Ballet at the Quarry (WA Ballet)

The synchronised movements of the performers are particularly impressive in this piece above others as their poor timing would not have been easily concealed when thumping on a massive drum. Tyler Morgan reviews.