Wasn’t the weather today divine? I sat on the Oak Lawn and watched a group of lithe, bright eyed freshers frolic under dappled sunlight for hours. Apparently it’s going to be 30 degrees on Wednesday! I’m going to the beach.

We are officially one week out from the beginning of the campaign, and the excitement is palpable. By that I mean, of course, that I’m not sure anyone’s noticed.

An unfortunate side effect of the warm weather is that I’ve done little to no work today. Luckily for you and me, yet another anonymous source has come forward with the goods. Oh, and it is good. Get this in you:


This, my friends, is a photo of Launch presidential candidate Rhys Tucker, taken by one of the many people we’ve assigned to follow him around (kidding! Jesus, get off my back). The moment was captured by our source because, shock horror, Tucker’s donning his WA Young Liberals shirt. I mean, yeah, like, whatever, we all knew that.

But isn’t this photo amazing? I feel like I’m in the helicopter as it flies over Britney Spears’ backyard. Like I’m sitting across from Miley Cyrus while she takes hits from a bong. This photo would make TMZ proud. This is Journalism, people. This tiny, grainy, really rubbish photo is just one example of the lengths UWA students will go to in the name of transparency, and piss-taking. To the photographer: you are a hero.

Send us photos that would make Perez Hilton proud – pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au

Words by Lucy Ballantyne