Read This if Your Piece Was Rejected



You wrote a piece that you poured your heart and soul into. It took a lot of time and effort; you passed up on going out for drinks after the lecture to write it; and you spent a few hours in a hot library trying to finish it off.


And then you get an e-mail back, saying that Pelican isn’t looking to publish the piece right now.


We know it kind of sucks. We know that you put so, so much effort into your piece, and that you want to share what you have to say with the world. More than that, it feels personal.


Pelican understands all of this when we reject a piece. It’s something we take no pleasure in, and we try to avoid rejecting content at all costs. But it does happen.


There are a few things to remember if you get that e-mail saying that we aren’t publishing your piece right now:


  • We’ve all had our writing rejected; contributors, sub-editors, head editors, all your favourite writers.


  • The rejection is a risk you take when you put yourself out there – and you really do have to put yourself out there. You’d never do anything if you didn’t.


  • Our rejection might be less about you as a writer, and more about what Pelican is looking for. If you were to submit to another magazine, the themes and voice you express might be exactly what they’re looking for. Heck – it might be perfect for a Pelican with a different Editorial vision. It just doesn’t work for Pelican at this time.


  • It’s an opportunity for you to take some time and work closely with your writing. You’ll be better for it. We’ve all been there, and we’re all better for it at the other side. We speak from experience.


Hopefully that clears things up for you a little, and makes you feel better about this whole process which sucks but has had to happen.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the Head Editors, Bayley and Stirling, at [email protected].


Much love, and keep writing, friend <3