Following the release of their latest self-titled album, Australian electronic solo-act The Kite String Tangle have been touring around the country showcasing their new sounds. Although a somewhat recent release of just over two months, this didn’t stop the audience cheering in recognition to nearly every song. I’m not sure if it was because I was right next to the speakers, but I have never felt a more physical presence of live music than The Kite String Tangle’s Perth show at Jack Rabbit Slims.

Support acts Austen and Golden Vessel complimented the headliner perfectly. Vocal performances on the whole were flawless. I especially appreciated Golden Vessel’s showcase of their new material and their reinterpretation of Frank Oceans’ single release, Chanel. Austen’s reappearance to feature with the main act later in the show was also another highlight.

Joy radiated from Danny Harley, singer and producer of Kite String Tangle, and I appreciated his commitment to sustaining and commanding the energy of the crowd, especially in the performance of the tracks ‘Selfish’ and ‘This Thing We Got’. However, Harley was able to bring the atmosphere down to a more intimate and soulful level. Notably on songs such as ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Know by Now’. I saw a lot of people wiping away tears by this point.

Of the band members who accompanied Kite String, the live brass section especially brought a dynamic element to the whole performance.

The overall highlight for me was one of the encore songs, ‘Arcadia’. This was probably his most well-known song. It was at this point of the night when all my thoughts on the gig so far were confirmed. It’s a rare moment when you feel like the music is about to lift you off your feet and carry you away somewhere. On a small personal note, this song was what pushed me into the realm of electronic music and into my own music producing venture.

Harley certainly outdid himself here. His latest music endeavour was a cathartic experience of electronic experimentation – much to the delight of everyone who came across it.

Words by Sophie Minissale


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