Samuel J. Cox

Review: The Beat Generation (WAAPA)

Teaming actors with a handful of WAAPA’s jazz musicians, The Beat Generation required an audience open to a new way of viewing theatre and experiencing the Beats in all their ugly glory. Samuel J. Cox reviews.

Review: Memory Bones (WAAPA)

The concept piece explores the notion that the physical structures of the theatre might somehow remember the artists, technicians, critics and audiences that it has borne witness to in 112 years of operation. Samuel J. Cox reviews.

Review: Rent (WAAPA)

This busy, exhausting production about life at the end of the millennium was a winning, powerful choice by WAAPA’s musical theatre team. Samuel j. Cox reviews.

Review: TILT – Program One (WAAPA)

Thematically loaded, these passionate theatre makers attempt to comment on human nature and our emotionality in a variety of different ways, making for an engaging evening of theatre. Samuel J. Cox reviews.