Art by GLWORKS (Gabby Loo, Vol.87, Ed.5 )

Here at Pelican, we wake sometimes in the dead of night, touched by the sublime vision of new contributors. We know you’re out there. We’ve seen you eating that kebab. We’ve watched you from our office window above Oak Lawn, and felt a deep hunger gnawing away at us. For your kebab – yes. But also for your skills.

Whoever you are – whatever your faculty, course, background, or M&M’s vs. Skittles preference – you are welcome to contribute. Also, despite rumour and the runes above our door, we are neither a cult nor a gang. If you just want to write one article for us, ever – that is great. If you’d like to write us a thousand words for us every week – also great. There is no joining fee, no formal membership, and no strings. Just a passion for good and original content.

Getting your work published by us is actually ridiculously easy. This is a result of a couple of things – including our editorial independence from the Guild, our commitment to working closely with our writers, and our guiding principle to publish a diverse range of voices in keeping with the wide scope of the UWA student body.

Aside our eight print issues – which you can pick up for free from stands around campus – we also regularly post content on our website. Pitches for articles and reviews can be submitted all year round, 24/7. Just email us at <>. It’s really that simple.

You can also join our Pelican Writers’ Group, and if you’re graphically inclined, our Artists’ Group. By doing so, you opt in to a whole heap of opportunities, updates, free stuff, and charming posts by the editors. It’s probably the best first step to getting involved.

If you’re wondering what kind of content gets published, well, that’s tough. Whether you’re talking form, style, or topic, our ambit is vast. So long as it is 100% free of anything so nasty as hate-speech, slurs or any other kind of derogatory language, then we’re rolling. Want to write an opinion piece on Australian politics? Sick. Draw a comic about living with mental illness? Hell yes. Road-test different Subway stores about Perth? Hash out some poetry, short fiction, or speculative oral history? Or perhaps make like an Onion writer, pull on your investigative journalism gloves, have a chat with someone for an interview? We are dancing for days. Whether it’s writing for play, or writing with purpose: consider us keen.


Writers ~~

Content for print has pretty strict submission deadlines. Deadlines for writers are publicised in our Writers’ Group, at our Writers’ Nights (events advertised on Facebook), and via digital newsletter (send us an email if you’d like to subscribe).

Word limits:

Half page: < 400 words

Full page: < 800 words

Two pages: < 1800 words

Artists ~~

Artists: we love and need you just as much as we do our writers. We are constantly on the hunt for new and diverse artists to illustrate, feature as ”profile artist”, or do Cover and Inside Cover artwork for us. We’re open to all kinds of styles.

Following the Writers’ deadline, we match articles to artists by posting those needing illustration in the Pelican Artists’ Group. We also love standalone comic art.


If you don’t know what the following means, not to worry – just be sure to scan your artwork in as a digital file, and we’ll take it from there.

Format: JPEG/ PNG
Colour model: CMYK
Dpi: 300
Send to:

Note: Detailed style guides can be found pinned to the top of the Pelican Writers’ Group and Artists’ Group.


Web articles can be submitted any time, and have no set word limits. It is however always best to hit us up with an email first, so we can workshop ideas and prevent double-ups.

Articles most suited to web are those which are relevant, topical and timely. For example, analyses of current events, opinion pieces, reviews and satire. Don’t let these examples limit you though.



If you know how to wield a camera or edit videos WE WANT TO MEET YOU. We’re looking for people who know (or who are keen to learn) how to film, edit, and/or upload videos, to work on a few projects this year – contact the Editors at for more information.


Interested in editing for Pelican? In October we take applications for the following year’s Editors (2) and Section Editors (7) –  keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information closer to the date.

Want to know more? Find us on Facebook, shoot us an email (, or drop by our office – it’s right next to the ref.