Game Development and the ‘Crunch Time’

If people like St John and Molyneux understood that the only reason people take a minimum-wage job to toil away on videogames was because they love the medium, perhaps then maybe we could make some actual progress on workers’ rights, without it devolving into an argument about privileged, cry-baby millennials not wanting to work hard. Words by Cameron Moyses.

It’s About ‘Story’

Blizzard is slightly reducing the sexual-objectification of its female characters, even if their official reasons for doing so are weak. The benefit being that the euphemism of characterisation is easier for some to digest. Same end, different method, easier execution. Words by Kacper Szodza.

Review: Daredevil (Season 2, Netflix)

The writing can be a little weak, and the overall plot of the season takes too long to manifest, despite these flaws, the new season of Daredevil is still an exciting way to spend 13 hours, and a look into an (eventually) pretty fascinating story. Thomas Rossiter reviews.