Living Zero Waste

When I moved back recently from a one-person apartment to my beloved sharehouse it was like peeling back a Band-Aid and finding that the wound underneath had festered and was now weeping a rancid yellow puss. Clement Sache reports.

Gossip Goh: Reid Run(a)way

Gossip Goh heads to campus find out what students are wearing this exam season. Are birkinstocks still a thing? Does comfort always trump style? Is it actually bad luck to shower between exam? Who knows?!! Gossip Goh does.

No shroom for joy

"There was a seismic shift in perception: my mind cracked and rearranged itself into new and alien combinations. " Al Mowbray recounts his dark inroad into music festival shrooms and mental health.

Swimmers, Feel Safe – Words with Shark Shield Lead Researcher, Dr. Ryan Kempster

Causing annoying but non-painful ''snout spasms'' in the fishy beasts, the Shark Shield device is being called the most effective shark deterrent yet. Developed by a team of UWA researchers over several years, Dr. Ryan Kempster - who headed the study - speaks here to Josip Knezevic on the new technology, and why the Barnett government's brutal 'baited line' strategy is a less-than-useful approach.