Oscars 2017: Art vs Tradition

It’s an establishment, an institution with a stubborn voting membership, a penchant for self-aggrandising, and a sucker for tradition. Ryan Suckling review the 2017 Oscar nominations.

Review: Split

The film plays with the idea that disorders, such as the one Kevin has, unlock the brains true potential; that when the mind splits itself it can actually change the entire makeup of the body it possesses. Kelly Dunn reviews.

Review: Little Men

Sachs’s talent appears to be this finely attuned rendering of the details of everyday living, pressed against human desires and projections. Review by Ryan Suckling.

Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"Eddie Redmayne’s awkward scientist is adorable and necessary as an English envoy in an American version of such an English story. Alongside Cumberbatch, he's the most English person in Hollywood, so: perfect choice." Pema Monaghan reviews.

A fancast rises

Pelican's unchallenged and supreme Star Wars nerd Prema Arasu calls the cast for the as-yet untitled 2018 Han Solo anthology.

Review: Pete’s Dragon

While Pete’s Dragon may seem too slow for kids and adults to enjoy in the same way as this year’s The Jungle Book, the overall experience outweighed the flaws. Review by Christopher Spencer.

Review: The Girl on the Train

Director: Tate Taylor Starring: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson & Haley Bennett The Girl on the Train, a mystery thriller directed by Tate Taylor, is th...

Review: Equity

A female-dominated production set in a typically male-dominated financial world, "Equity fails to create anything compelling or worthwhile". Christopher Spencer reviews.