Review: The Girl on the Train

Director: Tate Taylor Starring: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson & Haley Bennett The Girl on the Train, a mystery thriller directed by Tate Taylor, is th...

Review: Equity

A female-dominated production set in a typically male-dominated financial world, "Equity fails to create anything compelling or worthwhile". Christopher Spencer reviews.

Review: Free State of Jones

I wouldn’t recommend seeing this - you would have a more enjoyable experience reading and researching into the life of Newton Knight yourself. Josip Knezevic reviews.

Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ is not only a gorgeous film to look at, but it has a unique and heartwarming narrative, and is fit to be seen by anyone and everyone. Christopher Spencer reviews.

Review: Down Under

A cut above 'Four Lions' with a Cronulla riot context, director Abe Forsythe "produces the most nuanced simultaneous critique of nationalism and idealistic multiculturalism that we’re likely to see for some time". Review by Hugh Hutchison.

Review: Suicide Squad

There’s a lot about DC's latest ventures that have been heavily criticized – yet the studio is still struggling valiantly to compete with Marvel's well-established cinematic universe. Zoe Tongue reviews.

RevFest Review: Baskin

"While it’s hard to gather any concrete meaning (or narrative) from the film, it’s gloriously satisfying to watch corrupt cops get their dues. In a decrepit abandoned police station, no less. A villager leading the troupe to their death actually yells “Fuck the police'." Zoe Kilbourn reviews.

Review: Love & Friendship

"I do think this film is very much worth seeing, if just to see Whitman dispel myths of Austen as “fuddy duddy bullshit” (quote attributed to a woman on Facebook)." Pema Monaghan reviews Love & Friendship.

Ghostbusters Vs. Ghostbusters

"Well, here’s the verdict: Ghostbusters 2016 is better than Ghostbusters 1984. (Hear that? That’s the sound of a million nerd heads exploding.)" Jaymes Durante breaking dumb fanboy hearts and minds.