Who Will Run with Hillary?

With Hillary Clinton all but guaranteed to clinch her second campaign bid as the US Democrat's Presidential nominee, Jacob Mitchells investigates who within the party will be most likely in her top pick when the time comes to choose a running mate.

What Does it Mean to be LGBT+ at UWA?: Interview 2/3

"There is no ‘Happy Pride Day’ from Mr. Johnson, and the flag isn’t flown or shown much on campus. Perhaps that’s the Pride Department’s responsibility, but there does seem to be a bit of resistance from upper management in celebrating UWA’s diversity." Sureyya Kose talks to Pelican in the second of a series of interviews exploring what it means to be LGBT+ at UWA.

I Watched The Second Leaders’ Debate Because the Creeping Dread of Sunday Night Wasn’t Enough of a Downer

The Second Leaders’ Debate aired last night, and the hands of everyone watching trembled above their remote buttons with the overwhelming urge to switch to MasterChef. Yet Auspol soldier Wade McCagh endured and, fatigued yet miraculously lucid, emerges from perhaps television’s dullest forty minutes to articulate what went down for you here.

What I Want to Wear to Graduation

"The regalia I want when I graduate next year need be clear-eyed about the history here, for history provides the bedrock from which one can live a good life." Robert Wood gives his vision of a university which acknowledges rather than effaces its Indigenous heritage; which looks beyond the colonial symbolism and practices still entrenched in Australia's institutions of learning.

Displace Space

"A University is a nebulous institution which should contain institutional conflicts of opinion and ideology," argues Harry Peter Sanderson. "It’s a place of dialectical progression as a result of conversation and debate, not a sports team working towards one definitive objective."