In a world where fashion is getting faster, Claudi JVR is taking it slow. Exclusively using recycled textiles, sustainability engenders the emerging designer’s work.

Pelican Interviews: Girls On Film

Girls On Film is a photography project created by Ebi Coniglio and Mia Walton. Bryce Newton speaks to them to find out what inspires their work, and what it’s like working with your best friend.


Mike Anderson reflects on his fashion statement of choice, and his ever growing sock collection.

Cover Up

"If I'm wearing a considered outfit, there's a very high chance I feel I look good." Skye Newton gets dressed.

My Mother’s Shoes

my mother was a woman of the 80s and embraced colour and pattern – a zebra print jumpsuit, a full-length denim skirt, and power shoulders on every coat. Ruth Thomas writes.