Review: Matilda the Musical

Dahl wrote from the perspective of a child made powerless in a world run by adults. The musical adaption weaves together Tim Minchin’s rhythmic wit with the children’s classic to stunning effect. Gabby Loo reviews.

Pierre Ulric: Mysteries at the Maj

Like most arts, to relay the specifics of a magic show is to bastardise its imagination. Suffice to say that the familiar utensils of cards and envelopes were used to stunning effect. Harry Peter Sanderson reviews.

REVIEW: Ballet at the Quarry (WA Ballet)

The synchronised movements of the performers are particularly impressive in this piece above others as their poor timing would not have been easily concealed when thumping on a massive drum. Tyler Morgan reviews.

Fringe Review: Jumping the Shark Fantastic

It's every reference you've ever heard, each performance or film you've seen or every story you've heard except - get this - turns out you’ve already seen bits of it, in a dream a few weeks ago or something. Nick Morlet reviews.