Review: Revealed

"As I read the background for each artist, I learnt of their lives, and the communities and country they were connected to. Some had discovered their art early in life, many at a later stage, but all were proud to honour their ancestry with their works." Janey Hakanson reviews.

Review: The Little Prince

Upon arriving at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, I stood wide-eyed in the foyer, throwing nervous glances at the large, lifeless figurines staring down from above me. I took my seat at the back of the room and tried to shake my childhood fear of inanimate humanoids. Catherina Pagani reviews.

Review: Pindorama

"The show is one of the strangest dance pieces I have ever seen, but one I haven’t stopped talking about since. It’s intriguing, uncomfortable and certainly different from traditional notions of dance." Melissa Scott reviews PIAF performance Pindorama, directed and choreographed by Brazilian dancer Lia Rodrigues.

REVIEW: The Last Stand

"It’s a pretty cool concept when you think about it: two hours of undeterred personalities voicing their wild thoughts and ideas in front of an exposed audience who are willing to hear them". Lee Robinson reviews.

Interview: Words with Kenneth Ransom

Born and trained in LA, the American actor Kenneth Ransom has been based in Perth - a semi-regular on the Black Swan stage, his recent performances include Glengarry Glen Ross, Dinner, The House on The Lake and The Motherf**ker with the Hat. Samuel J. Cox interviews.