One unfashionable man’s perspective on FABSOC’s Vegas themed fashion show.

This reporter has no idea how he wound up at an event that promised to “bring a world of sequins, lights and entertainment” to our humble old tavern.  As he dodged both rain and fabulously dressed bright young people, he began to feel a little out of place in his second-hand denim jacket and Kmart chinos.  After narrowly avoiding being trampled underfoot by a gaggle of tipsy fashionistas, he began to yearn for a foreign correspondent assignment to downtown Fallujah.  Armed with only the promise of cheap drinks to keep his temper at bay, he bravely ventured inside to see what FABSOC had done with Bob Hawke’s old watering hole.

Several entertainment-filled hours passed by before he emerged again, now loudly declaring that FABVegas was the best night out he’d had in years.  If all fashion shows had burlesque, he said, then he’d volunteer to cover the fashion beat more often.  Just stick him in the corner with a beer in one hand and a notebook in the other.

The editor wanted a table by the red carpet however and as disagreeing with one’s editor is bad for business, we made our way over. Dia G, Silly Thelma and Emily Ferreira were let loose in an op shop with only ten dollars and strict orders to make their models look fabulous.  Everyone’s jaws promptly hit the ground as the talent took the catwalk and we can state with confidence that this mission was accomplished.  Whoever had the cojones to pull off wearing a high vis jumpsuit on a Vegas themed catwalk deserves a medal.  Somebody, please tag him in the comments.

The Club 8 dealer watched on with some amusement as Pelican’s finest made a fool of himself at poker in front of his editor.  It was fortunate that the only thing lost was pride, as he surely would have been reduced to sleeping in a cardboard box on the third floor of Reid library by the skilled opposition.  Only the timely intervention of a dozen grown men in bowties taking the stage saved him from ruin.

This intervention called itself the Newby Blues, a dozen of talented young fellows all the way from St Georges College.  Blowing us away with an amazing three song set, they’re available now for anyone who feels their event wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of white guys in suits singing the blues.  Highlights include a pitch-perfect rendition of Magic.


As if FABSOC hadn’t quite managed to cram enough talented young people into one room, out strolled a group of UWA Dance’s finest. All eyes in the tavern were glued as they put on a mesmerising burlesque routine set to Christina Aguilera’s classic I’m a Good Girl, which almost brought the house down with applause.

Like most things American, this was a loud and over the top evening.  You couldn’t help but feel that the actual fashion content of this evening, the ostensible reason for this exercise, was drowned out in a sea of what proved to be bloody good fun otherwise.

There are plenty of highly talented people walking around our campus and in this humble hack’s opinion; a lot of them were on show at FABVegas.  Yet FABSOC’s key achievement wasn’t just somehow managing to cram so much fabulous into one Vegas themed night, it was being able to do all of this while raising money for charity. What better way to raise funds for a group that dedicates itself to improving the confidence and self-esteem of cancer victims than a fashion show?

5/5-stars FAB night

Patrick Roso

Once had to apologise to a tribal elder for accidently shooting his prized goat.

Photography by Katie Murphie

Read all about the charity Look Good Feel Better here:

You can check-out some of the show-cased designers talent below.

The Newby Blues:

Silly Thelma:

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