I didn’t expect anything to happen today, did you? That said I haven’t exactly been proactive in searching for content today since I haven’t left bed, instead opting to sit perched over my laptop refreshing the pelican email server, hoping and/or dreading some leak or slice of hot goss.

The goss that did come was lukewarm at best. Someone who said they’d like to be attributed as “The Tom Beyer of Curtin only more successful” told us that (*gasp*) one of the Ordinary Guild Councillors (OGCs) is running for the position of NUS Delegate over at Curtin. I think the real story here is that that person could probably do with a hug.

That said, the reason I’m not naming names is that many of the OGC candidates are essentially acting as vote funnels for the party’s more preferred candidates. It’s a pretty common practice that means that a few of the OGC aren’t doing all that much. Cross-campus activism is also pretty common, which is why on some occasions, when the stars are right, one can find a Curtin BNOC running at UWA, indeed the 2013 Curtin Guild President, Sam Cavallaro, is actually running for a UWA Guild OGC position on a Left Action ticket. Again, anyone involved in Guild politics for that long could probably do with a hug, and maybe a drink of water. Stay hydrated.

While nothing happened in Guild Politics today, something very special did happen in the outside world.

It’s Brad Griffin’s birthday.

I leave you now with a photo essay meditating on the existence of everyone’s favourite pols editor, curated by the Pelican community.13923527_1365139726848625_5793395788752334222_o






Words (ha) by Hayden Dalziel

Have warmer goss or another photo of Brad? Send it to pelican@guild.uwa.edu.au