August 2016

Review: Little Shop of Horrors

"Anything that begins with narration by Lee Lin Chin and ends with world domination by a sassy, flesh-eating alien plant is booked as a good time in my opinion." Sophie Harwood reviews the Australian production of cult classic musical "Little Shop of Horrors".

“UWA, You Let Me Down”: Letter from a former exchange student

"I hope by writing this, exchangees in similar positions can see that not everyone has the kind of experience that online prospectus videos seem to promise, and that maybe a rogue Aussie may feel inclined to extend friendship to the exchange kid they see in class." Robert Law writes about how his experience as a UWA exchange student wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

The Thoughts of a Muslim Australian About Pauline Hanson

"The True Blue Crew and Reclaim Australia group constantly point fingers at average peace-loving Australian Muslims, claiming that we are ISIS supporters and that we have the same mentality as jihadists. I wonder whether they know how hard it is for some to deal with being placed in the same category as the people who kill their families overseas on a daily basis." Yosra Al Awadi, Events Coordinator and writer for UWA's Muslim Students' Association, writes a response to Pauline Hanson and her supporters following Saturday's United Against Bigotry and Racism rally in Perth's CBD.