June 2016

‘Protection Denied, Abuse Condoned’: Words with Professor Carmen Lawrence

‘’It is on every front: discrimination, hostility, abuse, indefinite detention, uncertainty… It’s a toxic mix for any human being, and to me, it is surprising that more refugees and asylum seekers haven’t attempted suicide.’’ Co-author of the recently-released 'Protection Denied, Abuse Condoned: Women on Nauru at Risk', Professor Carmen Lawrence talks with Pelican on the report’s findings, as well as the possibility of a more empathic alternative to Australia’s brutal response to the international humanitarian crisis.

Review: Success 2

"Women with wigs and anime masks dance slowly and stiffly pose. A female voice tells us that we might be looking into the womb, into a universe, into a home." Jane Hakanson reviews.

UWA Guild Fly Pride Flag and Pledge Action Towards Fourth Flag Pole

Following the Vice-Chancellor's position yesterday not to fly the Pride Flag at the front of campus to show UWA's solidarity with the queer community after the Orlando mass shooting, the Guild have responded by erecting their own Pride Flag. Kate Prendergast also looks further into VC Paul Johnson's decision, precedents in which the WA State Flag has been taken down on campus, and government codes surrounding flags.