It’s now fifteen days until Guild elections and things are getting serious, so listen up.

Sahil Panag has caused controversy by breaking off from the STAR ticket to run as the sole independent candidate in this year’s election. Panag, whose sister remains with STAR as an Ordinary Guild Councillor (OGC) candidate (see: tension), betrayed them only days before the final ballot was due to be set. Anonymous source Theo Stapleton gives us word from inside the STAR campaign room of the disruption this caused among the party. Upon learning of Panag’s defection, Tom Beyer (star STAR member ) reportedly used indecorous language, demanded to know why Panag had left, and openly called him “a rat.”

I like to think Beyer sees himself as a Frank Underwood figure; a lone wolf navigating the tumultuous political landscape that is Guild Elections 2015 . We can only suspect he’s now plotting his revenge on Sahil for his abandonment of STAR at the last minute. This is big news to anyone who is interested!

In other news, the campaign blackout ends this Friday at 5pm, which means social media will erupt with political energy! STAR have already had a promotional photoshoot for each candidate’s Instagram, Facebook cover photo and profile picture – strategic and innovative! I can only assume Launch/LAUNCH have an equally comprehensive social media roll-out planned. I wait in earnest.

So that this wasn’t a completely worthless exercise for you, I’ll let you know that Beirut released their album the other day and it’s PRETTY GOOD. Not a 10/10 for me or anything, but exciting nonetheless. Some great themes lyrically (There’s a song called Perth!) Listen to it if you have the time, let me know what you think!

Words by Harry Sanderson