On the Soapbox

With the world constantly watching, Twitter is both the best friend and worst enemy of candidates and the elected alike. Hannah Smith discusses.

It’s Time to Talk About Canada

"Justin Trudeau doesn’t deserve blind praise, or a social media following, or photo-shopped flower crowns. As an elected representative of the people, what he deserves is to be scrutinized and held to account." Ella Fox-Martens writes.

Words with Ben Sutton

Arts editor Harry Sanderson spoke to Ben Sutton about his role in the upcoming world premiere of 'Coma Land' by the Black Swan State Theatre Company.

Review: Baby Driver

Overall, Baby Driver is a triumph of style over substance. It turns the chase film into high-art without challenging the viewers’ expectations of the genre. Dominic Kwaczynski reviews.

Review: A Dog’s Purpose

It doesn’t take a study of the human condition to make a movie. Sometimes a movie’s purpose is simply to present a gratuitous, simple, but relatable story. William Huang reviews.


Mike Anderson reflects on his fashion statement of choice, and his ever growing sock collection.

Cover Up

"If I'm wearing a considered outfit, there's a very high chance I feel I look good." Skye Newton gets dressed.

Curing Cancer: The Disease of the Devil

Over the past two decades, Tasmanian Devil populations have been swiftly wiped out from large cancerous tumours. The recent breakthrough led by the University of Tasmania (UTAS) suggests that the Devil’s cancer can be cured by cancer. Maddi Howard reports.

Meme Obituary

Memes that stands as a monument for every past, present and future meme that will make you wish they had left you “forever alone”. Annelise Jansen writes.

Feature Art